What is a WIRS self-lay provider?

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Can I lay my own water main?

If a development requires a new water main or sewer, you've got choices! You can either ask the water company to handle the pipework installation, or you can bring in your own contractor – that's what we call 'self-lay' or an SLP, Self-Lay Provider.

What is a WIRS self-lay provider?

Self Lay Providers (SLPs) are experts who can provide water services on your behalf, outside of our organisation. To do this, SLPs need accreditation under the Lloyd's Register Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS). They ensure their work aligns with the high standards outlined in the Self-Laying of Water Mains and Services guidelines.

About WIRS

The Water Industry Registration Scheme is crafted for contractors responsible for connecting new properties to the existing water supply system. We often refer to these experts as Self Lay Organisations (SLOs). To get WIRS accreditation, these companies go through technical assessments carried out by LRQA, a leading global assurance partner.

How do I get connected to mains water?

Setting up a water connection is fairly straightforward. You'd typically install a communication pipe (also known as a service pipe) from your property's boundary to the nearest water main in the street. You're in charge of laying the part of the connection on the land around your property, up to the boundary with the street.

Advantages of self-lay

Choosing an SLP comes with its advantages:

  • Flexibility: You get to coordinate seamlessly with your construction schedule.
  • Convenience: Enjoy the simplicity of having a single point of contact for all your communication needs.
  • Possibility of Inclusion: You might even bundle it up in a multi-utility contract, covering gas, power, and telecommunications installations.
  • Efficiency: Experience a responsive and cost-effective approach to your project.
  • Certified: Their WIRS certification means they've demonstrated their ability to handle water connection tasks with technical prowess and a focus on quality and safety. So, you're in good hands!

In brief, for new water mains, you can choose a certified Self Lay Provider (SLP) accredited under the WIRS scheme. SLPs ensure high-quality work and offer flexibility, convenience, and efficiency for your project. With their expertise, seamless coordination, and cost-effectiveness, you can trust them to handle the job professionally.

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